The Experience

Your next adventure could take you to the edge

A Once in a Lifetime Experience

an excursion to the new falls

The Cataract Island New Falls Excursion is a guided tour to Cataract Island, one of the islands located along the precipice of the 1.7 km long sheet of falling water that is the Victoria Falls.

Adventure for All


A short boat ride will take you to Cataract Island where you will enjoy a guided tour of the island and it’s unique geology.  Even if you are not brave enough to plunge into the pools right on the precipice of the falls, you can enjoy the tamer first pools, as well as expolore the beauty of the surrounding landscape and the abundant viewpoints and photo opportunities.

Breathtaking Views

take it all in

Depending on the guided tour option that you selected, you will either enjoy a breakfast, picnic lunch or high tea while marveling at the natural beauty surrounding you in all directions.  Take time to walk around the island and absorb the magnitude of the experience as well as the beauty found in the details.

Unique Geology

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